Slumber’s Journey to Christmas Delight

Christmas Countdown How Many Sleeps Unitl Christmas Car with Christmas tree on top
In a world adorned with twinkling lights, Where dreams take flight on frosty nights, A question oft asked by young and old, With hearts of wonder, stories to be told: “How many sleeps until Christmas Day?” As anticipation dances in children’s play, With each passing night, a star does gleam, Guiding us closer to a magical dream. One sleep, two sleep, and three follow suit, Counting down moments with laughter and hoot, The calendar dwindles, excitement does rise, Underneath the moonlit, star-strewn skies. Adventures in dreaming, in each bedtime tale, As we trim the tree and set the stage, For the grandest spectacle, hearts to unveil, When joy and love ignite on history’s page. So let’s count the sleeps, with merriment in our eyes, As Christmas draws near, beneath wintry skies, For in every slumber, a miracle to behold, In the warmth of love, more precious than gold.

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