Kids Christmas Jokes

Elf Puns

  1. Elves are just like computers – they work in “elf”abetical order!
  2. When an elf makes a joke, it’s usually quite “elf”-explanatory!
  3. Did you hear about the elf who got arrested? He was charged with “mistletoe”-ing!
  4. Elves are great at telling stories because they always have “elf”-confidence!
  5. Why did the elf go to school? To learn his “elf”-abet!
  6. If you need help, just call an elf – they’re always “elf”-ul!
  7. Elves are like shoes – they’re always “elf”-lessly supportive!
  8. I asked an elf for a joke, and he told me one that was “elf”-invented!
  9. Elves love to bake cookies because they’re experts in “elf”-raising flour!
  10. Elves are great dancers – they’ve got “elf”-esteem on the dance floor!